Current Active Teachers of KF SSI Education

In a way, we may all be teachers of Keshe plasma science and technology. There is no PhD needed to be a teacher of this so universal knowledge about our creation and the rest. It is so simple, and the only problem for this knowledge was that it was deliberately hidden or pushed away from our attention for many years.

KF SSI Education maintains the list of currently approved teachers that are actively working under the umbrella of KF SSI, most importantly respect the ethos of Keshe Foundation, strictly focused on KF mission, understanding it, spreading the knowledge about Keshe plasma science and technology in its totality to many spoken languages around the globe. The teacher must be actively involved in the process to retain this status and remain on the list.

The teacher that is not found on this list cannot claim outside KF SSI Education to be an authorized teacher of KF or SSI or KF SSI. That one is teaching on his/her own for his/her personal benefit or just contributing to society.

Current active teachers of KF SSI Education are (all teachers appear in alphabetic order):


Adults Program          
Language Teacher(s)        
Bulgarian (bul,bg) TO BE DEFINED        
Chinese (chi,zh) Ruthy Wang        
Dutch (dut,nl) TO BE DEFINED        
English (eng,en) Douglas Edwards Gatua wa Mbugwa Jacky Buensoz Klaus Priller Peter Salocher
French (fre,fr) Dominique Baquet Jacky Buensoz      
German (ger,de) Peter Salocher Mario Kienappel      
Hungarian (hun,hu) Sandor Kakasi        
Italian (ita,it) TO BE DEFINED        
Japanese (jpn,ja) Hiroyuki Izumi        
Norwegian (nor,no) Eva Birgitte Krarup Moller Willy Ostli      
Persian/Farsi (per,fa) TO BE DEFINED        
Polish (pol,pl) Pawel Braszka Marcin Zylik      
Romanian (rum,ro) Claudiu Cretulescu Mihai Dan Potinc Daul Angelo Mantea Theodor Virgil Brudaru
Spanish (esp,es) Cesar Diaz        
Tagalog (tgl,tl) TO BE DEFINED        
Turkish (tur,tr) TO BE DEFINED        
Vietnamese (vie,vi) Wayne Nguyen        


Directed Teachings      
Topic Language  Teacher(s)  
Public Teachings for Gardeners and Growers English (eng,en) Lisa McDonald Jim MacDonald


Congratulations to all the teachers and THANK YOU for your hard work! 

This list is subject to change and will frequently be updated.
You are invited to come back to this page at any time and check a teacher from your community.

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