Would you help in spreading the knowledge?

Would you like to get assigned to selected recording for delivering subtitles?

Would you like to translate existing subtitles to your language?

Please write to subtitles(at), and we'll see how we can work together. 

Start working on subtitles only when you have confirmation that we are expecting your delivery. This way your work won't be for nothing.

Click here Subtitles Work Assignment and see which recordings are already assigned to our current volunteers for subtitles creation or translation.

It feels so good to see (while publishing the recordings on a daily basis) the fruits of your work. So many subtitles done and so many already translated.

Public and private teachings started playing video clips from past teachings subtitled in the mother tongue of the student. 

Billions of people around the globe got a chance to learn this science and technology in its totality.

And all this is because of YOU and YOUR EFFORT. 

You all should be proud of yourself because you all are contributing and with the greatest deeds saving yourself into the memory bank of humankind on this planet, next to the man with an enormous heart who started this mission: Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.