Start Teaching under KF SSI Education

How to start Public and Private Teachings in the certain language?

If at least one teacher is found for your language, teaching one hour per week, your language can start immediately. Speed up spreading the knowledge. Let us know! 

KF SSI Education gives a technical platform for every language: ZOOM Meeting ID, cloud recording, automatic transfers to education website, uploads of Public Teachings to official YouTube channel.

First, you need to be an active student of KF SSI Education for some time. You may be learning from public teachings for a long time but become an active student of KF SSI Education, and this way let us know about your understanding and how would you spread the knowledge around the globe.

Anyone who feels to be ready to teaching others in any of the languages, please contact Jacky Buensoz at jacky(a) to apply as a teacher and agree on the schedule and topic(s). 

Teachings are recorded to the cloud and afterward transferred to the education website for home studies. All public teachings are also uploaded to our YouTube channel. In online classroom teacher can be even alone preparing a lecture for home studies. Some students interested in particular language should never be the reason not to start with teachings. Language may start with only one hour per week, and then teaching activities get expanded gradually. If you didn't understand well what was taught in English, ask your teacher to prepare the lesson in your language. It is also a good way to start. 

If teaching in particular language does not overlap with an existing schedule of other languages, this gives the student an opportunity to participate live in more classes.