Research Programs & International Projects

Research work at the Institute is conducted by the Institute laboratory, as well as by program and research groups. The laboratory performs its research within programs and projects funded by the Institute itself, as well as by agencies and industry companies in different parts of the world.

In 2014, the Institute in cooperation with the Keshe Foundation participated in 5 projects: 3 projects of the decontamination program, 1 project of the health program, 1 project of material development and testing program.


Industrial Cooperation

The KF Spaceship Institute is developing various forms of R&D cooperation with industrial companies. Project-based cooperation is facilitated by demands and plans from companies of different industrial sectors who see usage of MAGRAVS Plasma Technology as an opportunity for new developent in their line of work. The Institute is open to any new ideas, funding, and the implementation of market projects where MAGRAVS Plasma Technology can be used as an advantage in comparison to other industrial technology. Most projects last for at least one year, but some have a duration of only a few months, while others continue for several years. Project work in conjunction with industry is an important source of income for the Institute.