We have lost one of our most precious friends - Fabio!


Love you and your soul my son, be content with the joys you have brought to the life of those whom you have touched in your short life as many with longer time on this planet cannot achieve a fraction of what you have achieved.


Bless your soul in all realms of the creations of the creator.


MT Keshe

 To Fabio from Keshe Foundation Family

We thank you FABIO for your beautiful soul which is amongst us now.

Thank you the Keshe Foundation in respecting the four days of contemplation required for transition of the energy of dimensions of physicality to its non-dimensional status, where the new life needs, to take its place amongst other souls of the same order, where the new soul is now aware of both dimensions of true existence in the universe.

Now some of us might have been enlightened more about the birth, position and new dimensions of life in some of the realms of creation.

Blessed are those souls, who understand this transition and manage to ACHIEVE it in its fullness as it did take place with the soul of FABIO.

MT Keshe

Memorial for Fabio on Livestream

Memorial for Fabio on YouTube


My dear brother, you touched my heart like you have with every single person you came into contact with... We elevate your soul to the realms of balance and correctness... peace always...

 Luigi Di Serio

Bright lights shine no matter where they are. You will be missed but not forgotten. Shine on!

Jon Bliven

...with friendship and gratitude for your service to Mankind.

Dante Martella

I join in the grief of those who were close to Fabio. I long for the day we can pierce the veil of the illusion we call death. And yet, I celebrate his achievement in choosing a life of service to others, the highest calling to which anyone can aspire. That deliberate choice has placed him safely in the lap of God.

Ron Cole

Goodbye Fabio. Gratitude for all of your efforts. May your Being continue as a Voyager of the Universe.

Rick Crammond

Condolences to Fabio's family and to help Naomi recover. Best wishes from your extended Keshe family.

Susan C Sturm

May God continue to guide and bless Fabio and his family.

Ralph DeFreitas

This is a shock and so sad my heart goes out to his family, even not knowing him one can tell he touched the heart and soul of those he met, may the good Lord go with him.

Carvel Smith

Our loving thoughts are with you...

Dani Mo

Peace and Love! We will miss you Fabio

Boris M

sorry to hear the Loss, God bless him

Vic T.

"Those we hold closest to our hearts, never truly leave us. They live on in the kindness they have shared and the love they brought into our lives."

We would like to express our deepest condolences to Fabio's family and we will pray for Naomi and her family. We hope she will be fine soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them and the members of the Keshe Foundation at this difficult time.

Philippe S., Elke L., Valérie H. 

Hi; I I for first time I email by accident to KSF Host and I didn’t know that was Fabio, So I said who is this and Ask a question and the way he answered the question ,I knew He is an amazing Soul and I could feel his amazing energy . I am very happy that I had the Opportunity to connect with him , It is also so strange that I usually listen to recording on Thursday and To day I woke up and I said I need to wake up and Do it Live with Mr.Keshe and when I entered I saw this

Azar B.

THANKS ALL, TO BE THERE , the great plasmatic famaly.

take care and go ahead

Synergie evolution


Yatoute Maguiman

I wish you strength to get through this hard loss ! Also for the family ! 

Mihaela S.

much Peace to all the family and to you all in here

Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow.


I feel with you, Fabio is also a friend for me and I feel very strong, that there is a greater purpose in it, maybe heaven wants us to go forward much stronger now and much more as one planet 

Fabios accident is still fresh and me too,i felt very sad. Only five month ago we sat in a Pizzeria in Trani and talked about god and everything and now i will never see him again? For sure i did n´t know him like you did. And this maybe makes it more easier for me to let him go, than for you. I know very well how it feels when we have to live without our loved ones,  i lost my first wife after only one year of mariage, through  a sudden dead.  That´s why i know, we have to let go those who passed away and accept what is not acceptable. Maybe my thougthts can help you a little bit. I believe that every thing has at least two sides. The one side we already know, we have been confronted with, it is the Schock, the grief, the sadness the loss. But what would be the other side of the same? The accident forced Fabio to be liberated from his physical boundaries, so he is still there but without the physical,without the lower,  he is in the higher realms much more free than ever before. So this morning, when i got up i tried to focus more on this  other side, i thought of Fabio and realized,  that he was there immediatly. And he already tried to teach me from above. This brought me a great joy. And i could see him like a angel full of joy, weaking, protecting and doing a great job there for all of us. I am sure now, that he wants us to go foreward even faster and stronger and much more as one. We still work together just from different sides of the veil. So now i can feel the sadness and the joy at the same time. Do i now still have to feel the sadness, in order to prove others or maybe him,  that he was dear to me? Or can i go straight forward in to the joy and meet him where he is now and learn from him? Letting go what we have lost and going to,embracing what we have gained. This question every one has to answer for him/her self. I chosed the second one. And now i can embrace him with joy and give him what he really wants and i can carry on with my daily job, helping others and helping the world.

Peter S.

RIP Fabio. Its unbelievable… he is gone. We are all with you in this hard hours, days, month. I never met him, never saw him, but it hurts my soul so strong.

Guenther B. 

i can no say anything. I met him in bari, I just love his smile, his hair style, such a great young man. handsome and with beautiful heart.


Sending My deepest Prayers to Fabios Soul and all Healing Intentions to Naomi..


Me and Neul-Bit we met with Fabio in Barletta last year November the first time. We had so many beautiful conversation with him. As Mr. Keshe also said just now during the KFSSI's online commemoration, Fabio was excellent soul in a young human buddy. Naomi and him was always charged up with positive energy, always smiled to everyone. When get into the office they was the first person you saw all the time at the morning. They made your day a happy day every day. Fabio did so much for the foundation. My family lost a great friend! We miss you Fabio!

Sylvester B., Neul-Bit H.

maybe to early , but perhaps we could call the first man made Spaceship the “Fabio Alfonso” to honor him and that would change the world, no matter what.


Gracias, FABIO. El anonimo y maduro joven (1993-2016) detras de la camara, tecnicamente permitiendo que miles y miles nos encontrasemos online para aprender y compartir como uno. Tu fisicalidad ya ha transcendido pero tu esencia permanence entre nostros. Desde mi corazon, GRACIAS. NAOMI, estamos contigo y con tu familia.


Will be missed dearly my friend Fabio...

The eyes of a beautiful soul who was taken from us for reasons we do not understand yet… I took Fabio Alfonso’s eye photo’s before I left Italy… shine your light my little brother, we are forever connected plasma love style…

Gino di S.

Kindly accept our deepest condolences and wishing a speedy recovery for Naomi.

Dominique S.

Naomi is in our health unit, may the light shine for both of them

We send you our love and light

Klaus P.

Nobody dies really.

So don't let us be too sad.

Fabio is much better now and in his new state, maybe he can help more powerful.

I'm very sure about that.

We are all connected.

Thank you very much for being here.

Thank you for all your good will and your work.

I hug you to my heart.

I love you,


his time here was short, but very fulfilled. As with everybody who is present in this community you have changed the direction of their lives and brought a richness and depth that we can only thank you for. I am sure he would say the same if he were here today.  One perfect love



I believe ,I, speak for the Entire Keshe  [ Family ] Community ! 

Upon contemplation I find Myself directly connected to an Amazing Soul tru the Teaching’s of Mr. Keshe . Who repeatedly spoke with FABIO during these last 2.5 yrs. If someone took the time to review all Teaching’s ,the name FABIO  would be in the top of the List . As a Person of 65 yrs.,My diffuclites Interfacing with the Technoligy Super Wave that Hit My generation are Immense .  Somehow the Younger generation grabbed a surf board & road that wave to height’s Unimagined !  Through out these Teaching’s ,This has been demonstrated ,Consistently  & Constantly ! As I observe  You, Mr. Keshe going tru this same “ Interface Problem “    I could not be more amazed of the Person You choose to solve that very problem.. FABIO Was that Surfer Who not only survived ,but, Conqured it !!!  The Beauty of Your relationship  [ as,We, All, as Knowledge Seeker’s , witnessed ] . Was the eventual Coalescese of Your Teaching’s, into a more Intelligible System ! Sir!   I can imagine the Immense , Pain .Sorrow & Grief , Our Entire Family is Imbued with at this moment !  I , Lost, Both My Children.   [ Born 5 yrs, apart, Died 5 yrs,apart @ 27 yrs. old .]   

 If anyone has gone tru this,Hell, They Know “ Keep Your foot on the Gas ,Pray to GOD that ,He, doesn’t Catch You !  Having survived that Trip, not ,Once, but Twice .   My Journey has taken an about face [ somehow liberating ] .

Now “ Unconditional  “LOVE”  Absolutely No Judgement ! “ RULE “ Just “ LOVE” No longer  Just” ICE “ !

Mr. Keshe .

 Please reach into Your Soul & Understand ,There,are  “Million’s of US  , You ,FABIO & The Entire Team ,Have Embraced into the Ethoes & Fabric of Your  “ VISION “ !!!  FABIO has Graduated to a Higher Existence & There is No Possible Way , His Spirit will leave US until ,


 Sgt. James G. P. U.S.M.C. Sempir Fi. [ Forever Faitfull to the Marine’s OATH ]  Help Those Who Cannot Help Themself’s !!!

All My LOVE ! 


Sending our love.

Lisa MD.

Sei una delle persone piu simmpatiche e speciali che io abbia mai conosciuto insieme ne abbiamo fatte davvero tante, di te ho solo ricordi stupendi, bastava solo la tua presenza per rendere ogni momento indimenticabile…. Non ti dimentichero mai, ti ho sempre volute un gran bene e sempre te ne vorro Fabio Alfonso

Sergio A. de B.

Send a hug to everyone there for this lost and I will give energy to Naomi

Victor R.

Sending healing prayers, so sad… bless their souls and peace to all.

Simeon N.

Blessed be in Love and Light. 

Nada G.

Very sad day for all KS. My prayers are with my loving friend, Fabio, and the survivors of his family. God’s blessing and love.

Ralph C. De F.

La notizia mi ha colpito! Parole e sentimenti d’amore e amicizia, cosi manifesti e densi che il minimo e Un sentito Abbraccio di solidarieta a tutti …

Massimiliano Tripoli

Mein tiefstes Mitgefuhl

Susanne P.

Sending love and light

Yoger P. 

I’m sorry 

Olaf F.

Rest in Peace dear Soul Fabio. Thank you for all your creations on this Earthplane. A speedy and full recovery for Naomi

Debora C.

Sending prayers. And much love to their souls.

Marina J.


With deepest condolences


As you recover our thoughts are with you

KFSSI Poland

Dumnezeu să aibă grijă de sufletul celui plecat și să ajute pe cei rămași să treacă cu bine peste această grea încercare a vieții.

Radu B.

Un altro fratello

Giuliano P.

Buon viaggio amico..

Linda B.

Stefano my condolences..... i share both of your heart aches and loss of your dearest person Fabio... be strong brother... Giovanni all my intentions and  wishes r directed for the best outcome on the recovery of your daughter Naomi…


Again, thanks for asking. I will continue to check here for your messages, Carolina. Again my sympathies and prayers are with you this sad day regarding Fabio. I did feel that very directly and it was very sad, add my tears to the collective tears and my prayers to the collective prayers. And I will continue to watch from Rome even if I am staying right next door to you, I will be there no matter what, it is important to me spiritually and I am being "sent."


Fabio & Naomi.

Nel Maggio del 2000 ho conosciuto una delle persone più importanti della mia vita, ho conosciuto colui che sarebbe diventato un fratello acquisito, ho conosciuto una persona di cui non potevo e non posso far a meno ..tu Fabiuccio, fratello, io e te, culo e camicia, siamo stati sempre insieme, elementari medie e liceo. Abbiamo condiviso di tutto, libri, giochi, vestiti, scarpe e anche mutande, momenti speciali, risate, cazzate, pianti, dolori, abbiamo condiviso la nostra vita, le abbiamo mescolate un pò, è stato un onore passare gli anni più belli della mia vita con te. 

Non so come avrei fatto senza te, mi sei stato sempre vicino dalla cazzata alla cosa importante, sapevo che tu eri sempre presente per me, il mio punto di riferimento, il mio confidente e consigliere, il mio tutto. 

A distanza di tre giorni non riesco ancora a crederci, e pensare che poche ore prima ci eravamo sentiti come al solito come nostra abitudine e ricordare quel tuo "ciao amor mi" mi uccide... per me sei ancora vivo, ti sento sempre vicino e ti porterò nel mio cuore PER SEMPRE! Mi manchi, manca il tuo sorriso, i tuoi occhi, i tuoi capelli biondi, la tua sincerità, spensieratezza, eri una boccata di ossigeno, per me eri già un angelo. Come ti dicevo sempre, avevi tantissimi difetti, tante imperfezioni ma in tutto ciò per me eri perfetto.

È la cosa più dolorosa che abbia mai fatto, ma devo lasciarti andare Fabio, piangermi addosso tutti i giorni non ti riporterà indietro sarebbe un massacro... 

Anche se non ci sei più, sei riuscito a stupirmi ancora una volta, insegnandomi molte cose anche da lassù, vivrò ogni attimo della mia vita al meglio, cercando di sorridere sempre come facevi tu! Il fato, a volte bastardo e ingiusto, mi ha portato via te, ma resta ancora una speranza per la mia migliore amica e ora desidero solo rivederela e abbracciarla ....rivedo te in lei.

Spero di divenire un giorno la metà di ciò che eri ..avevamo un sogno in comune e ti prometto che lo realizzerò per te! 

Arrivederci FRATELLO,

Il tuo migliore amico 


My deepest condolences to fabios family, rest in peace brother and get well soon naomi. Peace and love to you both 


We are truly saddened in Arizona and stand united with the foundation and all that Fabio and Naomi were able to bring to it. Our prayers and blessings go out to their families.

Jon B.

T and I hope all is safe now with Naomi's health in Love, Light, and compassion


I'm sorry for the death of Fabio (accident). I will continue working hard together with you to change this world. I hope Fabio continue its cumin from another plane and observe closely our progress.


Il ricordo del tuo sorriso e dell atua allegria e gioia di vivere li porteremo per sempre nel cuore. 

Ciao Fabio Alfonso.

Leonardo D.C.


Sperlo di averla scritta bene… Un bacio Fabio, ed una Colonna Sonora degna di te. [Star Wars – Colonna Sonora]

Claudia Lella

Does anybody have an answer why

It seems the good die young

Can anybody tell me why?

Rest in peace we love you bro.. 

Donato A.

You were a person who left a mark in the lives of everyone you met… Your laugh will always remain etched in my memories. I’m proud to have met you… You’ve always been a great do. Take your joy wherever you are now.

Anna N.

Fabio Alfonso ti mando un grande bacio fin lassu amico mio.. mi mancherai

Francesca S.

Nella vita si fanno incontri ke ti lasciano il segno… tu eri una di queste persone ke nonostante ci si potesse nn vedere spesso avevi la capacita di mettere allegria solo cn uno sguardo… eri e resterai x sempre un ragazzo unico di cui ricorderemo tt l’allegria ke trasmettevi… grazie di tuto e R.I.P. Fabio Alfonso

Giusi D.

I am confident that the time it will take this sadness away and which of you, I will remain all the laughter that you gave us within those four walls. Your trying to explain the “scepticism” to beo, your definition of tension in physics through a “zoca”, your infectious laugh and your hiding in the locker, to scare the professor. RIP Fabio Alfonso

Simona M.

Purtroppo accade in un solo momento cio che non vorresti accadesse mai.. Non me ne capacito ancora! Quoroo sei nei miei pensieri tra le mie lacrime e nel mio cuore mi mancherai tantissimo Fabio Alfonso

Carmen B.

Fabio, ciao! Sono quasi due giorni che ripercorro con la mente tutti I momenti che abbiamo passato insieme… solo momenti felici, perche con te era impossibile stare in tristezza!! Piu ci penso e piu mi rendo conto di quanto io possa essere stato fortunato a conoscerti durante questo troppo breve tempo che hai avuto per vivere questa vita! Ti ringrazio di tutto amico mio… fai buon viaggio… e spero un giorno di poterti riabbracciare!! Ti voglio bene

Domenico P.

FABIO RIP and hope NAOMI get well soon

Vincent Leung

Please convey my deepest condolences to Fabio's family, I am too far away to attend, but I am with all KF Knowledge Seekers worldwide in remembrance that Fabio was a very special and  wonderful person in the Keshe Foundation star team.


I am so sorry for our loss... I know that Fabio was like a son to Mr. Keshe, and I still hear him calling him, "Fabio, move the camera please" It has torn a hole in my heart, and I would gladly give up my life to have him back helping others...Please let Mr. Keshe know how much he means to all of us, and how much Fabio will be missed... With all my love and intentions for you, Mr. Keshe, and the families I send all energy, that it might in some way, comfort those who are grieving... Peace and love to you both...


Sorrow and grief surround the sad atmosphere of us all. With respect and full condolences to family as friends. I vow in peace to all. 

RIP Fabio United...


my most heartfelt condolences


Hi sorry for the great loss i pray for the entire keshe family


Be sure to watch ur back there ...  

May god protect the kf family with an indestructable shield of white light, for the time has come.  The earth is in perfect resonance with those bringer of light that will bring light to the darkest corners of our collective ...

Blessed be the faithfull, for they shall be provided

Much love family


Plasmatic Love United.  Rejoice in Paradise Fabio.. RIP

Much love to everyone in the Keshe Foundation community during this time of great sadness and heavy hearts.


Für Fabio und Naomi:

Maria Ann

We Thank you FABIO for your beautiful soul which is amongst us now.

Thank you the Keshe Foundation in respecting the Four days of contemplation required for transition of energy of dimensions of physicality to its non dimensional status, where the new life needs, to take its place amongst other souls of the same order. Where, the new soul is now aware of both dimensions of true existence in the universe. Now, some of us might have enlightened more about the birth, position and new dimensions of life in some of the realms of creation. Blessed are those souls, who understand this transition and Manage to ACHIVE it in its fullness as did take place with the soul of FABIO.

il dolore è insopportabile,mi unisco al vostro dolore cari genitori ....anche se ciò non vi darà nessuna consolazione ma sappiate che vostro figlio è sempre con voi

Chiara G.

È davvero impossibile da credere, mancherai a tutti noi

Carmen P.

Mi piange il cuore di dolore per questo angelo volato in celo

Annarita A.

Ricordo ancora quando ti accompagnano al pulman con linda perché era tardi eri un ragazzo meraviglioso,riposa in pace

Berardino A.

Much love. Blessings.
Gino & Rana.

Fabio is now in the arms and embrace of his familial ancestors. It is in those great halls and mansions of the high spirits of his past family that he rests with more love and faith than anyone could imagine on earth. Go gently and in peace to their beckoning calls. God speed, brother.

Mark House

Thank you for trusting your son in our hands and our KF family.

He was a very hard working young man exactly the way you have nourished him to be respectful, responsible and always analyzing everything that nothing could go wrong .

And straight away using and improving, when he received new knowledge about something.

I have had many conversations with Fabio outside on the terrace having a coffee together escaping for a few minutes out of the office,

and knew his way of looking at the world was so out of his principle of where can I learn more to add more to my knowledge.

Always ready to serve and assist wherever he could, even if it was fixing electricity or computers he loved so much to work with .

Give me a computer and I am at my elements, he used to tell me so many-times.

So many times telling me of the times when he was learning from his dad and spending a lot of times working with him side by side.

Always expressing this, I know my dad thought me.

I still remember Fabio as a fresh shy young man and the way he changed over a period of one year in to a very mature man , Without loosing his beautiful pleasures of life and love.

We are very great full in knowing this wonderful man.

He will stay in our hearts and anyone that came in touch with Fabio.

Thank you!

Carolina De Roose