About KF SSI

The KF SSI is set up to teach to industry, organizations, and individuals, how to develop systems and technologies based on the Keshe Foundation knowledge.

The aim of the KF SSI is to teach and train every person who goes to the programs, to enable understanding of the full principles of the workings of universal systems. It provides the knowledge to be able to survive anywhere in the Universe, with the peaceful use of the MAGRAV plasma technologies.

The KF SSI welcomes people from all parts of life, from highly-trained experts to individuals who only want to learn. There is no pre-requisite for applicants other than agreeing to the World Peace Treaty for the peaceful development of the Magrav technologies. The learning environment at the KF SSI is open and adaptive. The emphasis is on developing an in-depth understanding of principles, rather than accumulating empirical knowledge. Our students will be introduced to the basic Magrav plasma principles and related applications of active gravitational positioning, a creation of new materials, production of power, and health benefits.

The KF SSI is primarily a space-based organization, and learning all aspects of survival in space is a priority. Students and graduates will find job opportunities in support of KF SSI space technologies and spin-off companies of service to humankind on Earth. The unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training will enable KF SSI students to develop an understanding of the Universe not available anywhere else.