KF SSI Education in 18 Languages

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The primary goals of KF SSI Education are: 

KF SSI Education is not here to teach in an old fashioned way but to guide and enlighten its students for them to learn and then teach and inspire others around the globe. Humanity needs to educate itself about the universal knowledge in its totality.

Through plasma science and technology, humanity may finally learn about the reality of the world of creation finding answers even for things previously unexplainable. Humanity must also learn about the ethos of Universal Community, why we are here, what is our purpose and how humankind shall comprehend the real value of peace, implement and maintain it on planet Earth first, and afterward, live in peace anywhere in space. The ethical conduct must become natural for humanity as the only way of conduct. Peace will come by a sincere wish of the majority living peace in every aspect of their lives. Peace will come when the critical mass decides and applies it in their lives.

The introduction of plasma science and technology will renovate and enhance most sectors of science and technology, advance them to new heights. New attitudes and understanding will be applied reducing unethical or wrong behavior that is unacceptable to the ethos of Universal Community. For example, killing in computer games shall be replaced by healing as many as possible by elevating their souls, teaching gaming communities that peace is better than wars, creating is better than destroying and that life in outer space is not necessarily violent.

With these intentions, KF SSI Education is delivering multiple study programs in two forms: public and private teachings in all the languages spoken on our planet. Since country borders are meaningless, language remains the last barrier to sharing the knowledge and as such with the strong will and hard work of volunteers writing original subtitles and translations nothing stops spreading among different language speaking communities.

How do you feel about this mission? Want to be part of it? Want to help to spread the knowledge?

Sign World Peace Treaty and start learning the universal knowledge about creation, understand your emotions and other interactions of fields we are all composed of while living in the soup of fields embracing us. It may bring a new sense to your life. If you were ever asking yourself who are we, what is our actual source and identity, why here and what is the purpose of our lives then you more than wish to join our efforts to learn, utilize and spread the Keshe plasma science and technology around the globe, right? Who does not want to advance and find out more? Who does not want to discover more? Who wants to live meaningless life? Who does not want the prosperity and better life?

Find KF (, SSI ( and KF SSI Education ( on the Internet.

Start here at KF SSI Education and apply for Public and Private Teachings gaining access to invaluable source of private teachings brought by scientist Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe teaching totality.

We are ONE PLANET ONE NATION ONE RACE and MULTIPLE LANGUAGES will not stop us achieving peace.

At the moment, we are teaching in 18 different languages around the globe.
Besides Public Teachings few languages deliver also Private Teachings for students with an active status.
Additionally, we deliver 3 special Private Teachings for Agriculture, Health and Children.
and we deliver also 1 special Public Teaching for Gardeners and Growers.
Altogether we have 18+6+3=27 education channels producing teaching recordings.
We are encouraging YOU to spread the knowledge even more and start teaching in your language.
You may get the technical plafform from us. Contact us!

Public Teachings

  1. Arabic (ara,ar)
  2. Bulgarian (bul,bg)
  3. Chinese (chi,zh)
  4. Dutch (dut,nl)
  5. English (eng,en)
  6. French (fre,fr)
  7. German (ger,de)
  8. Hungarian (hun,hu)
  9. Italian (ita,it)
  10. Japanese (jpn,ja)
  11. Norwegian (nor,no)
  12. Persian/Farsi (per,fa)
  13. Polish (pol,pl)
  14. Romanian (rum,ro)
  15. Spanish (esp,es)
  16. Tagalog (tgl,tl)
  17. Turkish (tur,tr)
  18. Vietnamese (vie,vi)

Private Teachings 

  1. English (eng,en)
  2. French (fre,fr)
  3. German (ger,de)
  4. Italian (ita,it)
  5. Norwegian (nor,no)
  6. Polish (pol,pl)

MT Keshe says: "We teach the man that man cannot be abused due to the lack of understanding."